Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sick During the Holidays

       Got the sniffles during the winter season? A bad cough at Thanksgiving dinner? What are you going to do so you don’t gross anyone out, but you are still able to join in on the fun?
          Having good manners is important, but having good manners when you’re sick is essential. When you are invited to go to someone’s house, party, celebration, especially during the holiday season, it is an honor being invited to celebrate with that person. You want to treat them with respect, and show up on time, be on your best behavior, and have fun. On top of that, you don’t want to risk anyone else of catching an illness from being in your presence. This is when being clean and having good manners really matters.
        When you’re sick, you really don’t want to get anyone else sick and have him or her go through the same thing you are going through. Wadded up tissues, being tired and fatigued, having no appetite, coughing uncontrollably, it really messes with your productivity. And you aren’t able to enjoy the party like everyone else because you do not feel well.
         Proper etiquette for when you are sick during the holidays would include: letting your host know in advance you are sick, and asking if you should still come, bringing tissues with you, and going into private if you need to blow your nose.

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