Friday, October 27, 2017

All Things Halloween


            What holiday encompasses millennials trends, fun and a day to dedicated to social media? Halloween could most definitely be that holiday. It allows the millennial generation to be unique, to be completely whoever they want to be for a night, and have a little too much fun with their peers. What millennials love so much about Halloween is that they can dress as wild and out there as they want, and put effort into having fun with their costumes. Pinterest, Instagram, and even YouTube Tutorials are all popular outlets online to find ideas on creative Halloween costumes (and a lot of times for very cheap!) 
Halloween has become a mainstream holiday, as a day to celebrate being “different” or being exactly who you want to be on a daily basis but can’t. It is also a way for millennials to feel more connected to one another, with group costume ideas, team costume contents and even the dynamic duo costume that never get old, it forms a similar interest. Costumes embody popular trends in today’s culture, and millennials love to set trends and show their individuality.
            A huge reason why Halloween is so popular, is because these clever and unique costume ideas can be showcased on all social media platforms. Millennials love to post about what they are doing with their lives, and get attention and validity after posting pictures from their friends and family.  Don’t believe me? I know you’re sitting on your phone right now so go onto Instagram and in the search bar type in #halloweencostumes, and you will see results in minutes!
            Millennials have options from different apps on their smartphones to find costume ideas, and purchase them. However, a lot of millennials like to create unique costume ideas on their own budget, and use items from their closet and create a “do-it-yourself” costume. It allows for them to be more creative, and really come up with a fun idea, and not have to worry about buying a costume that will only be worn a couple of times. Some of the best Halloween costumes come from those who picked up some fabric from Michaels and had an idea.
Halloween is a holiday that is the millennial generation love, because of the experience of wearing a fun costume, going out with your friends, and most importantly taking a selfie and documenting the entire thing on snapchat…...kidding.  It does not require, in most cases, to spend a lot of money. There are also little obligations to celebrating the holiday, unlike Thanksgiving or Christmas, and there are no real “traditions other than the tradition of dressing up. The day is spent to have fun, stay out late, and wear whatever your heart desires in order to show off one’s personality, character, and individuality. All of these aspects of Halloween are perfect for the fun, creative, social media sharing, experience loving people that millennials have constantly shown themselves to be.

What will you be this year? Wonder Women? Miley Cyrus? Or an infamous Dynamic Duo?

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