Friday, June 16, 2017


So you’ve got your business degree in hand and you’re heading to Silicon Valley, or Silicon Beach or NYC or Chicago…but the one thing that so many CEO’s think millennials don’t have in the other hand is a social aptitude. You may be a social media sultan, but when it comes to social graces you are merely one of the “smallfolk.” (reference Game of Thrones - taking this out - this note is for you millennials will know it – it means peasants) In the old days it was simply called manners. It went a long way then, and it still goes a long way now.

You may have the next great idea, but if you’re impolite and annoying to people how will they ever know.

Etiquette expert Dr. Rachel Isgar’s latest book  #NEXT LEVEL MANNERS – Business Etiquette For Millennials  states “As a #Millennial you can argue that others don’t have good manners, and you don’t need them either. You can argue that it is a new type of workplace, more casual and with a go-with-the-flow attitude. You can argue all you want . . . while watching your career success stall and your personal brand head downhill.”

So take a page out of Isgar’s book and try a new approach that is as old as a page out of Sir Walter Raleigh’s novel “Kenilworth.” You remember him; he was the dashing gentleman who impressed his queen by throwing his cloak over the muddy puddle for her to pass. “Queen Elizabeth looked at the young man, who accompanied this act of devoted courtesy with a profound reverence.”

Okay so we’re not saying you have to take off your new Nike jacket and throw it in a puddle to curry favor with your boss or co-workers, but let’s face there are annoying things that you do, you know it!

1. Put Your Electronics Away & Communicate Politely Face To Face

Do you really have to check your phone 157 times per day? Yup, that’s what you’re doing – according to Michelle Klein, Head of Marketing for North America at Facebook.

Isgar’s number one tip: “The first thing to recognize is that in order to next level your success, you need not just to communicate online but also face-to-face. And when you do communicate face-to-face, you will need to put your electronic devices down and fully engage with the person or people with you.

So you didn’t get your Nike jacket dirty throwing it over the puddle, but do you really have to wear that to work out in and to work…corporate managers complain that many millennials think every day is casual Friday.

2. Looking Great Is Good

#Next Level Manners - “Most of your first impression is based on appearance, and a big part of this is based on how you dress and groom. In general, don’t dress to the lowest common denominator in your workplace, a.k.a. the worst-dressed person in the office. In­stead, dress to the level of the promotion you want.”

In Westeros “the Higher Mysteries” (another Game of Thrones reference) may be a thing of the past but magic does still exist in our world.

3. Magic Words Work

I have found none of us likes other people putting words in our mouths . . . but there are some words that you don’t want to resist. They can work magic and next level your personal branding in amazing ways. Here they are:
• Please.
• Thank you.
• You’re welcome.
• Excuse me.

It’s a quick one-hour read and it just may take you to the Next Level in your career. Pick up a copy of Rachel Isgar’s #Next Level Manners – Business Etiquette For Millennial at

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