Tuesday, June 27, 2017

#1: Finding a balance between summer casual while still being professional. Good dress = Good Business Etiquette
Accessories Edition
By: Guest Blogger Eliza Cann

Coming from someone who loves all things fashion and style, finding the balance between staying professional and expressing myself through accessories, can sometimes be tricky. As much as I want to bring my studded, fridge, crossover bag and my new tassel earning to the office runway, accessorizing the professional way is something less talked about, however, just as important.  Just as what you wear on your body matters, what you carry, walk in and throw around your neck makes a statement- (and not always a positive one.)

Of course, your business has its own dress code. I mean Hey, you might be able to wear sweats and last nights’ makeup to the office and it’s no big deal (hashtag goals) but some of us aren’t that lucky. So, for the rest of us, finding a way to express our style and personality while still maintaining a professional aura is the ultimate #goal. Here are some tips and tricks to picking out the perfect AND appropriate business accessories!

Bags: Rule of thumb for bags: Stick with neutrals. LESS IS MORE. A plain black, white and tan tote bag is going to be your best option for the office. Yes, sometimes two bags might be required, one for work and one for personal items such as makeup and a lunch, however, stray away from plastic grocery bags, old shopping bags and graphic totes (like the “Disneyland free bag with purchase,” that can stay at homeJ )

Earrings: Minimal but dainty. Studs, Diamonds (if we were all that lucky,) Pearls and other small stones, even earrings with a little bit of a “dangle” are appropriate. In addition, hoops that aren’t too large and too distracting. The last thing you want is to be sitting in a meeting and your boss be focused on your jewels and not your brain. Side note: Avoid Costume Jewelry!

Shoes can be tricky. As heels are appropriate to wear in the office, you have to be careful and aware of the type of heel you are wearing. Be mindful of height. Again, stay near the neutral and soft colors, nonetheless, if you are looking for a pop of color with your footwear, go with as minimal other “bling” as possible. Red pumps, greys and even light blues can look professional and stylish if done correctly.  

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