Monday, August 7, 2017

Are you “THAT GUY” in the airport?

With summer travel still in high gear, you, or most likely someone you know, needs a gentle reminder on their airport etiquette. There is always that traveler who is in group 8 but camped out at the gate from the moment they started boarding. Or, the one who waited in the security line for 25 minutes and they STILL don’t have their photo ID out when they get to the front of the line. 

Whether you are traveling for pleasure or for business, your manners (should) travel with you.  Take this quiz and find out if you are “that guy” at the airport before your next flight!

Question 1:  Do you put your feet up in the waiting area?
Yes or No

Question 2: Do you save an unnecessary amount of seats before boarding?
Yes or No

Question 3: Do you bring a full course meal onto the plane? (Even worse if it is something that has a strong odor like tuna)
Yes or No

Question 4: Do you crowd around the gate excessively before your boarding zone?
Yes or No

Question 5: Do you talk extremely loud on your cell phone in the terminal and tarmac?
 Yes or No

Question 6: Do you take too long and are unprepared going through security?
Yes or No  

Did you answer yes to 3 or more of these questions? Most likely you are “that guy” in the airport- the one we all dread.
We are all just one of the thousands of travelers trying to get to our final destination. Technically difficulties will occur, delays and unexpected turbulence per say, so remembering that the airport doesn’t “revolve around you” and your needs, will take your airport etiquette to the #NextLevel!
Grab a good book or download one to your Kindle before leaving your house, find a snack and lean back in (one seat of course) and enjoy the airport hustle and the non-stop people watching!! J
Catch flights not dirty stares and murmured words from unhappy travelers!

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