Saturday, December 5, 2015

Holiday Office Parties


           There’s always the fear and stress that comes along with going to a work party around the holidays. How formal should I dress? What am I supposed to bring? How am I supposed to act? And so on… There are many Do’s and Don'ts you should take into account for your upcoming office party!
  • Do remember that this is a work event, as social as a party may seem, you should be present and display good behavior. No flirting or sloppy behavior.
  • Do keep in mind that not all of your co-workers celebrate Christmas, so don’t forget those who may celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanza.
  • Do keep your conversations positive, no one likes to listen to someone with a negative attitude complain about work or their personal problems.
  • Do dress appropriately. Don’t bring out a dress you would wear with your girlfriends at a nightclub, ask if the dress code is casual or formal, and remember your boss is going to be there!
  • Don’t be late. Work events still take into account your behavior and reputation. Treat your coworkers with respect by showing that you value their time and presence.

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