Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hosting In-laws or Your Own Parents at the Holidays


            What should you do if family members are coming for the holidays? Do they stay over at your house? How will you entertain them? So many concerns!
            First off, the magic number in this situation is 3. That’s how many nights is the perfect amount of time for a visit from out of town. Any more can become super stressful. If your guests are traveling a far distance, it is okay to encourage them to stay at your house for a few nights, and then ask them to consider staying at a hotel for the rest of the visit. Although it may be uncomfortable to introduce, remind them that it is for their best interest (and yours). You always want to set a timeline for the visit before you make the invitation for them to stay over. You should always discuss this with your significant other, agreeing on a set amount of days and nights they can stay at your house.
            In order to keep your guests entertained, plan an activity for each day. Even if it’s something as simple as a card game or Scrabble, watching a movie after dinner, or taking the grandkids to the park, it gives everyone something to look forward to during their visit.
            You also are not expected to cook for your company every night of the visit. Ordering take out food or going out for dinner is fun and different. And your guests should at least offer to pay for the take out or eating out some of the times.
            Allow and encourage in-laws or your parents to get involved around the house. Everyone wants to feel needed and helpful rather than a burden when staying over at someone else’s home, so use those extra set of hands and let them help clean up after dinner or tidy up the living room.
           Finally, if you need some room to yourself after a long few days, encourage your house guests to take a walk to the nearest park or drop them off at the mall so you can get some alone time at your home, and maybe get some much needed work or rest done!

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