Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Place Settings and Decorations


             Ever stressing about what kind of table place settings you need for your holiday dinner? How fancy do you need to be? Are you trying to impress your in-laws or parents? Or your friends and coworkers?
            China is beautiful but not necessary in my opinion. China usually is passed down as an heirloom or we’ll register for china if we are getting married, but the formality of the meal is completely up to the host. Beautiful knock off disposal china place settings can be purchased at Costco, Smart and Final, or Party City. Table settings can range from one plate for the main course and one plate for dessert, to multiple plates and courses.
            Decorations are where you can have fun. Name holders for seating makes the feel of the meal more formal, and personally, I like to let people choose where they sit. Sites like Pinterest show amazing table layout arrangements from simple to advanced. If you would like to get the kids involved, you can have them help out with the decorations, maybe making holiday crafts for the occasion, or helping set up the table. This gives you a chance to teach the young ones about place settings and what the different utensils are used for.
            Putting flowers or holiday themed decorations on the table give a very fun and festive look. Candles are great if young children are not present, and make sure you don’t over decorate, you gotta leave room for the food you will place on the table!
            When hosting a holiday dinner, the table place settings will set the mood of the formality of the event. Opt for whatever makes you happy, whatever is easier for you to manage, and don’t stress yourself out! Holiday dinners are for getting to come together with your family and friends and celebrate the holiday season with those you love.

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