Monday, December 7, 2015

Setting Good Behavior Examples For Kids at the Holidays


           Your behavior in front of children and teenagers, either your own or not, has an impact on their expectations on their own behavior, especially during the holidays. Whether it be being grateful during Thanksgiving, or respectful to your family during Christmas or Hanukkah, kids are always watching to see how adults act so they can see how they are supposed to act.
            Holidays are supposed to be for celebration and good times, as soon as you’ve downed a few drinks at your sister’s house, the stories of the good ‘ole days come flowing out. Your kids will hear about how your sister was a daredevil who skipped classes, and how your brother dropped out of college, and how you were always the best at everything you did compared to your friends.
            This is going to teach kids a bad example, and that just because mom and dad or aunt and uncle did it, that it’s okay. You want to be fun loving, but keep it between the adults to reminisce on your crazy college days. Or wait until the kids are out of the room to complain about the gifts, or the venue, or the food. Any negative attitudes are just a downer on the fun, and it shows your kids how to act inappropriately in a holiday setting.

*Citation: Barbara Greenberg, “What Are You Teaching Your Teen About Holiday Behavior?” Huffington Post, February 19, 2013.

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